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A Nice Walk September 24, 2006

Filed under: Walking the Dog — knitwhits @ 7:22 pm

Took the dog out for a walk in the hills this AM, foggy on the drive up, but beautiful and sunny at the beginning of the trails. Was planning on just doing the short loop, but Freia was raring to go so we did the full Stream Trail and hike back up to the West Ridge Trail. I wore shorts. Scary, but no one screamed, fainted or was blinded by my paleness so that was alright.

If I had a buck for everytime someone told me how beautiful Freia is I would be a very rich woman, or at least have my coffee paid for on a daily basis. So far today, only one “she’s beautiful” but it’s still early.

I’m going to make a sincere effort to make it to knitting on time today. This means I need to stop writing –  Now!