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Two Cavities September 25, 2006

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I have the best dentist in the world. I think they are the Nip/Tuck of dentists – the office is all fancy and everyone is high style. Dr. S is nice, gentle, attentive and explains everything he’s doing. His assistant is also very sweet. They had to replace two old fillings (apparently I grind my teeth) and I was well numb! You are also offered a warm neck wrap and a hand massage while they are working on your teeth, and there is a video playing on a flat screen of some hunky trumpeter (yes, there is such a thing) playing the kind of music I normally can’t stand, but he is very cute which offsets the Muzak factor.

The bummer is that one of the cavities may be demoted to a root canal in a couple of years. Not looking forward to that one – (or it could happen in the next 3 months… lovely).

I’ve never had any pain from going to the dentist, though it is invariably uncomfortable it’s not painful, and certainly is inelegant, but to be on the reclining chair having a hand massage and being gently told “breathe in, breathe out” really is not a bad thing. Kind of takes your mind off the vulnerability of the drill, water suction, two total strangers peering down your throat and god knows what else is that is going on around your face.

I also will now have to wear a night guard (refer the teeth grinding) only I don’t think I really grind my teeth, I think I just grit them, but it was $150 and doesn’t look too much like something forced upon Hannibal Lechter, so I was fitted for that too.. I pick it up next week, then I have to make sure I use the damn thing. The way things are right now, the dog and cats are the only ones who will see me wear it anyway, hopefully it’s only marginally humbling.

Multi Zig Zag ScarfOTK: Multi zigzag scarf – Here’s just a taste – Did a grand total of two rows so far today, one at dentist and one in the parking lot. I really am a true professional. Speaking of which.. lots of KnittyGritty email today – which means the bikini show must have just re-aired again – and I’m getting questions that I really couldn’t possibly answer, but try I will.