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If it was a perfect world.. September 28, 2006

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Blurry FreiaIf you saw that your dog was not relating well to another dog at the dog park, you would call it away from that other dog

If your dog was actually in a fight (or the beginnings of one) with another dog you would do more than just stand there and stare

You would actually notice that your dog was getting amped up and would notice when it could use a time out

You would take the time and make the commitment to train your dog, it’s safer for you and the dog

If you were in an area where leash laws applied, you would obey them as you would realise that having your dog off leash is not fair to the on-leash dog who is now vulnerable to your dog’s whims, good or bad. As it happens, my dog is friendly, but don’t be foolish enough to assume that all dogs are.

Likewise, if your dog is off leash and someone is walking towards you with their dog on leash, call out to the other owner and ask if you need to call your dog back or not, it takes a second, it’s polite, it’s an icebreaker and it’s the right thing to do.

You would know that not all dogs need to meet and be friends. It’s OK to just walk by – after all, do you talk to every person you pass on the sidewalk?

And of course you would love your dog and try to give it the best life you could

If it was a perfect world..

but it’s not, so here’s a pretty picture instead.