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Panic Pattern Writing October 1, 2006

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Yours Truly with Shay PendrayEarlier this year I was invited to appear as a guest on the Shay Pendray NeedleArts Studio show on PBS. Turned out they wanted me for two 3 minute segments and Cascade Yarns generously funded my appearance on the show. I flew to Detroit, taped the show, came home and got back to my regular crazy life, getting the dog, doing trade shows and so on. For one segment I did a simple knitted scarf with pretty felted flowers, for the 2nd I did a crochet bucket hat with DiVe’s Fiamma yarn, also with flowers.

Now they never tell you when these shows will air, you have to just dig around the web and see what you can find. I also have no idea if I was any good or not, in any case it’s always uncomfortable and embarrassing, I only see the mistakes I made.

For the scarf, I wrote up the pattern, and included it in my catalog of offerings – don’t look for it on the site, it’s not up yet… sorry. For the bucket hat, well for some reason, I apparently never wrote up the pattern, at least, it never graduated from chicken scratches on scrap paper to my computer.

Primrose Hat for Shay PendrayYesterday morning, I woke up to an email asking me for the bucket hat pattern from the show that had “aired this morning” Yikes! I dug around but there really was nothing on my computer (what was I thinking?? why on earth would I not write it up??). All I could do was reengineer the design from the sample.. OK, so where’s the sample?

So that was my morning.. two hours later, hat photographed, image photoshopped, hat studied and taken apart, re-crocheted segments, recreated leaves and flowers, pattern written, web page programmed and uploaded, pdf created, pattern checked and pattern uploaded — oouf..

So here it is:Primrose Hat for Shay Pendray



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  1. Sandy Says:

    And yet you still made it to knitting on Sunday! She’s a superwoman … mom to Freia and knit designer extraordinaire … fabuloso!

    Great blog, Tina 🙂 I like the twisted stitches explanation, too. Very thoughtful.

    See you soon!


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