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The Right Balance of Ocean October 1, 2006

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aka Plays Well With Others

A rather repetitive weekend this was, outside of yesterday’s mini-morning-pattern-writing crisis. Took Freia to the Oakland Hills, walked the West Ridge Trail and back on the Philips Loop, went to the city to knit at Greenwich Yarn, dog in tow, later took the hound to nearby Chrissy Field for some skinny dipping/ball throwing/general nuttiness, and later, home. Today, same thing, exactly.

The beauty of it all is think I may have figured out how much ocean is enough and not too much. If any of you out there have a water dog who swims in the ocean you will know what I mean, suffice it to say that salt water and the dog’s GI tract don’t get along very well. Both yesterday and today though, I just had her swim for the ball a couple of times, the rest of the ball throwing was onshore in the crashing waves, and then a healthy tear around the beach with one or many other dogs, after about 45 mins or so, back on the leash and a mile or so walk, then a rinse at the showers and hop in the car.. just right!
This day on my way home I stopped in to see Mamoru at Wayo Sushi on VanNess, quite possibly the best place in town, (for those who like traditional sushi – this is not the place for US style handrolls as the fish is just so buttery perfect as it is). I brought in a good crossword from the Sunday paper and ordered sushi to go, then hmm.. well, why not have a piece, or two or maybe three while I’m waiting.. you know, if it wasn’t for the wet dog in the car I’d probably still be there.

Now I’m back home as settling in for a good night of Deadwood and knitting. Perfect!


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  1. firefly8868 Says:

    Your blog is very pretty, and your description of your weekend was very nice.

    Best wishes,

  2. knitwhits Says:

    Thanks! It is really a major addiction – my “real” work is suffering, but this I’m having too much fun!

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