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Nickel Mines, PA October 4, 2006

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The events of this week that occured in Nickel Mines really bothered me. How helpless those children and parents must have felt. How tragic that they were forced head on into the worst manifestation of western culture.

Baby Blanket 1I’ve been working on a project for a while now inspired by Amish quilts. It started as a baby blanket, but is probably on the large side – when complete I think it will measures close to 50″ square, so it may be more of a throw. It’s a wonderful project and one of those things that designers do that probably isn’t profitable and doesn’t always have a home in their regular body of work. In this case, given the amount of yarn required for the project, to retail this in shops would break all my rules as it would become fairly pricey. It may be something I can offer online though, directly through my website. I’ve also been toying with the idea of offering it as a knitalong, and this blog would be a good venue to present it. Now I’ve not really worked anything out around this yet, and the blanket has a lot of work to be done still.

The events in Nickel Mines though have become the catalyst for me. Given that the Amish really live on the outskirts of our western world, I don’t see how they will ever be able to afford the mounting costs of hospitalization for their children. I was asking around about fundraisers being held for the families and victims of this tragedy as I was unable to find anything online. I got an email this morning from Janet Szabo with the information I was seeking. This organization is stepping up and helping out. They are collecting funds for these families, and given that it’s a Mennonite organization, I have little doubt of it’s veracity. (In the first link in this post is more info of other good fundraising efforts.)

So, to get back to the baby blanket/throw knitalong idea, I think I will do it, and it will be a fundraiser for these families, through pattern sales and maybe even kit sales, with the funds to be donated to the Mennonite Disaster Service. It may take me a little time to set it up and get it rolling, but leave a comment or drop me an email if you are interested in joining in.