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Just Gorgeous October 5, 2006

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TSE Cardigan I love this, I must have one.. if I ever have time to knit for myself, this is top of the list… This is from TSE Cashmere. I wouldn’t make it in that as I can’t imagine how much it would cost, and this color would do me no favors, but I love the drape and the idea.

Here’s the link to the full slide show, it’s all about cables from summer 06 fashion shows.



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Heather and the houndsThis morning it rained.This is the first time Freia’s seen rain in her short little life, and as you know by now, she’s a Chessie and Chessies have a slight (!) obsession with water.

First she was barking at the sound of the rain from behind my front door, then upstairs shot a few wary glances up at the skylights. She just loved getting soaked on her late night walk, and this morning, couldn’t wait to get outside and trompse around in the biggest puddles, chase her leash, and generally romp around and cause havoc.

Here’s the thing.. there has to be a better way to juggle the dog, the umbrella (that she seems to think is a big stick for her to play with) and the K9 pick up bags (poo bags). This can be risky business…

One of my dearest friends moved to Portland, OR this week. It rains a lot in Portland. She has two dogs, two big lovely dogs, now that is going to be a lot of juggling. This picture is of her with Jency (black dog), Darla (gold dog) and Freia (little one!). They are waiting so patiently for their treats!


Freia has sadly been suffering a bladder infection since July, every two weeks we’ve been putting her on stronger doses of various antibiotics. When she starts each course of meds, she becomes asymptomatic in hours. But also within hours of stopping, the UTI is back with a vengeance (usually at 1 am… ). When she got spayed a couple of weeks ago, my vet made a larger cut to make sure there were no anatomical issues with her bladder or kidneys and it all looked good. This last go round of meds ended on Friday. Yesterday (Wednesday) in the afternoon it wasn’t looking good, so I called the vet and gave her a leftover tablet from a previous prescription (the doc had given me extra). 2 hours at the vet, come home and she’s fine. Her test results were mixed, but we should have more info in a couple of days, in the meantime I’ve got yet another prescription and this time we are waiting to see if the symptoms come back full on. Well, now that I’ve spent this weeks’ $100 at the vet, she’s fine, absolutely fine. I’m beginning to think she just likes going to the vet. Until yesterday it was the longest symptom free stretch, and now, I’m thinking I may have been mistaken, maybe, just maybe she’s in the clear. At $75 every 2 weeks on meds alone, not counting the urinalysis, spaying, vaccinations and so on this does add up.. Oh well…. the IRS can wait for their money, they will have too, as until now it’s all been going to the vet!