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Well, I was wrong October 6, 2006

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In the GrassIt’s back. My poor little dog. The UTI came on like a mack truck this morning. She was fine until about 10am. Then it was non stop wanting to go out, and when we did, all she did was strain. Poor little thing. I would keep her in, listening to her cry until neither of us could stand it (about 10 minutes) then let her out and she would pee, and then she would try and try and try, I’d take her back inside and repeat. I checked with the Vet and her urinalysis as before came back negative, but I know what I see, so she’s back on the meds again. Now it’s 12:30 and she’s finally able to rest. I’m so sorry for her that this is happening and so glad the meds kick in so quickly.

My vet called me on her day off (she’s awesome) and we spoke for a good half hour of her options. She said she would put in a call to a specialist to see if they had any ideas and would continue to do more research. The options/possibilities so far are:

  • She has an ectopic ureter (the tubes are in the wrong place)
  • She has a chronic kidney infection (treatment: 6-8 weeks of.. you guessed it.. more antibiotics)
  • She has bladder stones (checked for that when she got spayed, not likely since she’s so young)
  • Physical abnormalities (In as far as she’s been checked, she looks normal)

The next step looks to be like an ultrasound (seems I can’t escape that – first it was for her heart, now that’s better, now her bladder), and barring anything otherwise obviously treatable, then she would go on a long term low dose of antib’s.. So regardless of anything else, at the minimum she has to be back on the meds for another two weeks, one more urinalysis a few days from now to see if it’s pos or not, after the two weeks another test to see if it’s cleared up and then straight on the low dose, with no break. This is so depressing.. I just wish she could be healthy without being on meds.


Holiday 06 KnitSimpleSomething I should be happy about though is my backgammon kit is featured in the holiday issue of KnitSimple, Knit 1a sweet magazine put out by the folks at Vogue Knitting. They took a great photo and having one’s work published is always a wonderful affirmation.

I got a preview copy in the mail, but it will be available on newsstands in a couple of weeks.

And if that wasn’t enough to make me smile, they also featured the backgammon kit in the current issue of Knit1 – again, they took a great picture of the set all laid out. Real-purty-like.


But of course, when it rains, it pours. Now my laser printer is acting up, it will let me print, but only from pdf files, so anything with a gif is printing all black. I’ve now put a call into my brainiac techy neighbor to come over and redo my set up so that it’s networked which I’m hoping will solve this problem. The printer is brand new, like a month old.  OK.. I’m done whining for now. Sorry.