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450 Balls of Yarn October 8, 2006

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450 Balls O YarnIf you think – or anyone tries to tell you – that being self employed or being a knitting designer is their ideal job, tell them to think again – or at the very least consider another line of work before going into kitting up the designs.

Here is what I did on my Saturday, while you may have been at a BBQ or at the beach or something..

I wound 450 balls of yarn.

It was fingering weight yarn; 22,188 yards of it. To put it another way, that is over 44 miles of yarn.

I hurt.

Thank god for music, because winding yarn is not the most exciting thing to do with your (whole) day.

This is what happens when yarn is back ordered for months on end, the yarn finally comes in and you have a stack of orders to fill. I’m happy to have the orders, but it sure is a lot of winding. And now, when Monday comes around, I have to kit it all up, so even after all this winding, I’m still only half way there.


5 Responses to “450 Balls of Yarn”

  1. firefly8868 Says:

    Ouch … that’s gonna leave a mark.


  2. Kathy Says:

    Holy crap! I wound part of one ball yesterday and that was too much winding. Yuck. Are you at least all done? Oh, and do you have a ball winder? I can’t imagine being able to do that many without one. But then I haven’t bought one yet so could easily be wrong.

  3. Christina Says:

    Wow you’ve been busy! I don’t have much time for blog reading/writing these days but I thought I’d stop by for a quick look on what you’ve been up to. Quite a bit it seems. At least you’re done with the winding? I hope Freia’s UTI (or whatever she has) get’s better.

    ~ Christina

  4. christine Says:

    Get an electric ball winder! No more pain.

  5. knitwhits Says:

    Oh, I have quite the set up, I have several electric winders and another thing rigged up that works at lightning speed, but I still have to be involved in the winding, and it still took all day. I would hate to think of doing it completely by hand, I’d still be winding..

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