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Shouldn’t I at least get a picture? October 12, 2006

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Took Freia into the vet at 7 this morning for her to have an ultrasound. They checked her heart, kidneys and bladder area and…………. she’s fine. This is a good thing, of course. But since I can’t get insurance for her (because of the endless UTI) the cost of the ultrasound comes out of my pocket, or rather my savings account. All $600 of it.. ouch, and no picture.. don’t they give moms-to-be pics of their ultrasounds? I’m not a mom-to-be, but for what it cost me, I should at least get a photo! But, she’s fine. We know now that she appears to be outgrowing the heart murmur for certain. So the next course of attack on this damn infection is a longterm low dose of antib’s, six months, once a day, at night. And then what happens? Who knows.

JumbleOn the knitting front.. I’m toying with a few new ideas for the winter season, I’ve finally gotten to updating the website with the newest designs and Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review sent me a little email interview for an upcoming article she’s writing for YMN. It was very cool of her to think of me. I like that! She’s writing an article on sock knitting. I hardly think of myself as any kind of authority but I did come out with some sock kits earlier this year which have been very well received and got a nice write up in the fall issue of Vogue Knitting. Who knows if anything I said to Clara was of any use or not, but still, it’s nice to be thought of.

As for this’s my thoughts.. top chart.. for a Christmas Stocking? It’s really just an oversized sock. I’ve steered clear of overtly seasonal designs as I think sometimes they can be a bit gimmicky, but I also have fond memories of discovering the secrets that lay in the Christmas Stocking from when I was a kid. Also I think the way that I design, a Christmas Stocking or two is right up my alley. The hearts below the pattern? Could be interesting, but a nightmare to knit, overstitching would be the way to go, but also a major pain. And the third one, hmm.. I really like that for something, just not quite sure what yet.

Lastly, the dog graduated Intermediate Obedience Class on Tuesday night, but by her behaviour the last few days and at the park last night, you’d never know it. She even growled at me one time (I know why she did it, she got me confused with someone else and it took her a second to realise it was me in the half asleep stupor that she was waking up from.) Hm. Still, that was no fun. Soo.. we are back on the NILIF schedule again (noting in life is free) and every walk is a training walk. I realise that I’ve been lax in her training lately, so I guess that’s not helping any. But no more. And next week she’s going to start Rally Obedience to continue to keep her pea-brain occupied. Thankfully she’s not as barky at every person who walks in front of my house now. Two steps forward, one step back.

Now, tonight, I knit.. and boy do I need it.