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How cool is that? October 15, 2006

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BaileyYesterday when I was walking Freia at Chrissy Field I saw a woman wearing the Bailey Hat in wool. I was so excited I had to tell her it was my design! She said she loved the hat – it looked cute on her. The first time this happened was earlier this summer when someone came into a knitting store that I was visiting and she had made the Elyse Purse. She had downloaded the pattern and picked her own colors, very different from my taste, but it still looked pretty good.

Now that I have a dog and I’m not at home working every minute of every day I see more people with my stuff. It’s always a thrill!

Here’s a little related story:

Years ago, when I was in college I had this horrific yarn, slubby and scratchy and the ugliest colors imaginable. I tried in vain to make something useful out of it, which in the end became a striped vest. It was still ugly. So, I gave it to Goodwill. A few months go by and lo and behold, one of my schoolmates (not really someone I knew, though I remember he was cute and I did have a little crush on him) came into the school cafe wearing the vest. My jaw dropped. I told him that I’d made it and given it away. He couldn’t believe that I could just give to charity “something so cool”. He said he wore it all the time and it was one of his favorite pieces of clothing. Oh well, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.