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Keywords October 15, 2006

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Is that your buddy? This is what I now say when Freia meets anyone new (or old) and it works!! She goes from unsure and unpredictable to waggly-tailed and goofy.  It works every time, it’s weird and uncanny but I’m very relieved to have found what seems to be a reliable solution to rid her of was becoming a bad trait. She seems grateful for it too, now she waits for me to tell her that someone is her friend, and trusts what I tell her. It’s worked at the vet, with the cats, with strangers around my house (and elsewhere), even with people coming in the house (which is usually a big threat to her). This week we’ve also been practicing “finishing” which is when I call her to me, she comes immediately (in theory) swings herself around to face the same direction as me, sits and lies down.  This is good for any emergency type situation such as horses or bike riders  on a trail, children or even another dog that may not be so friendly. It has been working like a charm.

One major current hurdle left. Getting her in the car without me having to lift her in. One misty morning about 2 weeks ago she got the fright of her life when I turned the rear window wiper on. Since then the car has not been her favorite place, and even though I’ve tried treats, cajoling, luring and anything else, most of the time I end up having to lift her into the car.

That is until last night.

My back went out.

So I have extra motivation for her to get back into jumping in the car without my help. In the meantime, I’m on an icepack for 15 mins every hour and pain pills. This is no fun, especially as my old standby, Bextra, got pulled off the market along with Vioxx. Bextra was the only reason I’m alive today as my back was so bad at one point that suicide would have been the kindest thing to do to myself. Fortunately this time I’ve not developed a full blown case of sciatica, but I’m a bit hunched and certainly look like I have scoliosis and have developed my weird sideways walk to compensate for the muscular lock-up in my back.

So now back to the ice. And some knitting, and this time I mean it. I don’t know where the time goes, it just never seems to go to knitting.


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  1. Christina Says:

    Sorry to hear your back went out again. Best of luck with the ice and meds!

    ~ Christina

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