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Sweet Sleep October 16, 2006

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Creative Knitting MagNot to crow too much, but I’m feeling pretty good these days!
Edie Eckman wrote a nice little piece about Knitwhits in the current issue of Creative Knitting.

You can read it here.

And yes, I really am feeling pretty good. My back is back. Or at least a lot better, my sideways shuffle is gone, as is the chronic aching. The ice and exercises I learned from the world’s best my physical therapist 3 years ago really pay off. I’m very happy to be able to function again today. This was a really quick recovery.

Yesterday I bought a stopwatch to time Freia on her stays and downs. I set the clock and put it away. Last night at 1am, the alarm went off. I was in that half asleep stupor when you tune in and tune out noises like that until you wake up enough to realise that the alarm is yours, not your neighbors, that it won’t shut itself off, and it is you that will have to get out of your nice cozy bed to stop that infernal noise. I get up, go downstairs, press the stop button and crawl back to bed. Just as I’m relaxing into sleep, it goes off again. I just learned that this stopwatch has a snooze button. I get up, go downstairs, turn on the light, find the manual, press all the buttons, change the alarm time and turn it off. Take homeopathic sleep tablets and crawl into bed. 1:30, cat starts meowing “I’m hungry”. “Sable, shut up”, 2 am, repeat (now I’m aggravated), 2:30 repeat(now I’m really aggravated), 3 am (aggravated with visions of shutting the cat in the downstairs bathroom), repeat, this time I get up, strangle feed the cat, go upstairs take a Tylenol PM and finally, finally get to sleep.

Then of course, 7 am rolls around and the dog needs to go out and now the other cat wants his milk.. Is one night of 8 hours of sleep really so much to ask for?


2 Responses to “Sweet Sleep”

  1. Christina Says:

    Nice write-up by Edie! Glad to hear your back is better and sorry about the sleepless night.

    ~ Christina

  2. Mary Klee Says:

    I am a physical therapist in Indiana. I was so excited that you mentioned how helpful the ice and exercises were for your back pain. Now, if only all of MY patient’s did their exercises . . .

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