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My life in a box October 17, 2006

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I’m feeling a definite amount of ennui design-wise these days. The knitting industry is in a bit of a slow down, so things are back to a manageable pace at the studio. I’m still not getting much knitting done and have backlogs of paperwork that would scare away anyone. I’m torn with which direction to go with my design work.

I have a burning desire to make larger items, which would mean designs that don’t necessarily have added value to the consumer as kits, so these would be designs that I would offer only as patterns. As I write this, I remember that I’ve toyed with this concept in the past and thought of offering these designs not under the Knitwhits line, but create a new line, sort of a sister company.

Also helping this design limbo I’m in is that I have this (false) concept that real designers always have these really cool spaces in which they work. Creative places with lots of light and flowers everywhere, and maybe interesting pictures and other clippings and funky collections. Something resembling what you would see in interior design magazines. Not mounds of paperwork, receipts, computer cables, old printers and odds and ends lying around like I have. But I know that my idealization of being a real designer makes no sense, as I’ve been designing for years, with that being my sole income (in California no less), and I may not be rich, but I think it qualifies me a “real” designer. Maybe just a messy one…

I think that because my studio space contains such an amalgamation of all my various “lives” and career paths, I’m feeling constricted. Now that I’ve actually settled into what I should be doing, and have a minute or two to breathe each day, I am starting to clear out all this junk. I’ve not gotten very far, but it’s a start.
life in a boxTo that end, I’ve tackled a rolling cart that contained my life as a textile/surface designer. I’m giving away all my paints that are still in usable condition to someone else who is trying on the surface design career, and have packed the rest of the stuff from that time into a single drawer of the cart, soon to be transferred into a box and put in a closet. 3 years of my life in a box. And I feel no attachment to this at all. How weird.

My studio needs some fresh air. I think my brain could use a bit of airing out too.