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Evolution October 22, 2006

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Houndstooth to StripesFor me, knit design is an amorphous process. Here I started with houndstooth (or a complicated variation of) and it ended up being a Fair Isle zigzag stripe.. How does this happen? There is no connection between houndstooth and zigzag.. But I probably would not have gotten to the zigzag had I not started with the houndstooth.

I will start with an idea of which yarn (weight/fiber) I want to use, from there I will sort through color possibilities, laying skeins or cones of yarn on a table and juggling them around until I hit something that feels “right”. At this point I will have a less vague idea of what I’m going to actually do with the yarn, whether it be a hat, socks, scarf, purse or something else. While juggling the colors I will also be thinking about stitch patterns or colorwork shapes, figuring how the stitches and colors might all work together.

From there, I take scraps of the yarn (if I have it, if not, then I wind down the skeins or cones) upstairs and settle in for some knitting. I will knit for a while till I get something decent on the needles, and decide if I really am enjoying the knitting or not. If the idea is too complex or simple for my current mood, I will probably end up undoing it a few times. It’s that magic combination of color, yarn, shape and enjoyment that have to come together to make the project a good one. It has to be interesting and exciting.

Once I have something that works, really works, then I will probably start over with new yarn, working from precise quantities and filling in my scribbles and notes to help with the pattern writing.

Lilley Crochet Aviator CapThe odd thing is that I sometimes have an inkling if something will be popular down the line, and I have to absolutely be true to myself. If I start changing things to suit the market (or what I think the market will be), then it inevitably is less of a success. Now as time has gone on, some things that I designed a while ago, that I thought would be really popular have in fact become sleepers or late bloomers, such as the Lilley hat. I think this is one of the cutest things I’ve done, and it is just now “coming into its own”. Maybe the crochet revival has helped too, it’s a bit like the tortoise and the hare, some ideas just need a little extra time in the public eye.

And the complex houndstooth I started with? Well.. that is next on the needles, but I do have this one other little idea that I think I need to play with first….


2 Responses to “Evolution”

  1. Céline Says:


    I find that to be one of the most rewarding aspects of handcrafts, the fact that along the line, things change a lot from the initial idea to the finished product. It has to do with enjoying the material, the process, and you get to surprise yourself.

    The zigzag is really nice, and so is the hat 🙂

    Woolly regards,


  2. Christina Says:

    Nice. I like the zigzag pattern but I really like the houndstooth. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    ~ Christina

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