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Knit Till You Bleed October 26, 2006

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Because of the nature of what I do and who my main customers are (retail stores), my design schedule tends to be very cyclical. Around this time of year I’ve caught up from previous trade shows and I’m now filling re-orders which tend to be smaller than show orders. This gives me time to work on some new ideas. Knit Till You BleedThe next show is not until January, but prior to that I have to look at my marketing and come up with various ads, including one for the january issue of YMN (due in November). My preference is to use these ads as a taste of what’s to come and promote what’s new and exciting before the show. This means it’s about now that I should have my samples done, photography done and ads put together. But of course that’s not the way it works. Though I have ideas that I toy with year round, I tend to not really get cracking on them (mainly through lack of time) until I have no choice and the next show is looming (no pun intended).

So the clock it ticking and I’m knitting, and knitting, and ripping and knitting, my fingers are literally bleeding from the wool taking all the moisture out of my skin and it’s not very comfortable.. The good thing is I think I really have a clear idea now of what I will be presenting, and I’m loving it, the bad thing is, it’s a really big idea, which means a lot of knitting! But I think it’s a great idea, so it’s not really a bad thing either, it’s just knitting on a seesaw. Here’s a hint…

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