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How to lose a customer… October 29, 2006

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Warning.. here comes a rant. I decided to get a new camera as the one I have, Canon Powershot something or another – about 5 years old – is cumbersome and not super convenient, though it’s been a great camera all these years with great bang for the buck. But I’ve had my eye on the Canon Digital Elphs for ever (even before I got the previous camera) and until now they’ve always been out of my price range.

I go online and first stop is the Circuit City website, they have the one I settle on (the SD600) on sale for $225. Best Buy also has the same deal, but they are further away from me, so good enough, Circuit City it is. I read their policies, they will match their web price if it’s cheaper than what’s in the store, and vice versa. Leaving Freia at home, I drive the two blocks to CC to see what else they may have and get the camera. I look around a bit, and the person “helping” is kicking around a little ball on the floor – meantime there’s a decent number of customers looking at the cameras, but she obviously has more important things to do than to actually maybe work.. but whatever. I manage to get her attention and ask her about the price match as the store price is $25 more that what they show on the web. She says they won’t match it, that the web and the store are two separate entities, but I can check with customer service “over there” and points to a line of people. Yeah, right. “But what about your Price Match Guarantee?Are you telling me that I have to go home, order it online and come back to pick it up to get the price you are quoting me online?”

As a benefit of selecting our In-Store Pickup option you will automatically receive the lower of our website price on your day of purchase or the in-store price (at your selected store) on the day of pickup. The difference will automatically be refunded based on your original payment method. You also receive our 30-day Price Guarantee after receiving your purchase.

“(blank look) I can’t help you, you have to go to customer service” and then she rolls her eyes at me!

Well, I did not go to customer service, what I did do was go to Best Buy – this is why I drove the 2 blocks to CC, as I kind of figured that it’s never that easy, and in case I had to go to Best Buy, well that would be a drive. . I find the camera section, a nice lady asks me if I have any questions, and well yes, do you match your web price? She tells me that she doesn’t know as she actually works for Panasonic, but that the man over there (pointing) can. So I ask him. And yes, they do match, so I’m directed to yet another person who actually does the selling. Phew.. not out the door yet though.. So I get everything I need (he talks me into a protective case for the camera, but not into the service plan) and then I have to go to another line to pay. Now I’m done, I have my new camera, fancy case, extra memory disk and I get in my car. I’m about half way home when I think.. hmm.. did I actually get the web price? I check the receipt and sadly no. I did not. I find a spot to turn around and head back to Best Buy.. I’m now thinking I’m cursed. I get to the store and they point me to the dreaded customer service line to get the price corrected.. I sigh and walk over to the line. A line of about 10 people, and one open register. By the time I get to the front of the line (which actually moved remarkably fast) there are 3 registers open and I luck out as it appears I’ve gotten the customer service manager. She was nice, apologised for the wait, and took care of me as rapidly as she could, very professional.

So now I’m home. And a purchase that could and should have taken me about 10 to 15 minutes in fact took an hour and a half. I tell you one thing, I think I’m done with Circuit City after this latest nicety. Some people may browse, but some may have $300 burning a hole in their pocket, and a retailer needs to understand that. My $300 went to Best Buy. And I was glad to do it. And that is how I got a fancy new camera, my first gift to myself in a long, long time.

Canon SD600


2 Responses to “How to lose a customer…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I hope you aren’t cursed because that would mean I am cursed as well. Maybe we just share some gene from way back when. Do you always get in the “wrong” checkout lane?
    Great camera, by the way.

  2. Pam from CT Says:

    Just to let you know you are not alone with your rant. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to both CC and BB and stood by merchandise I wished to buy and watched the “help” stand around in groups and converse or generally screw around. And for the most part, if you ask a question, they don’t know anything anyway.
    I did buy a blazer at an outlet, went home, found the security tag still on it. I had to go from store to store locally to find someone with the equipement to remove it. Filed an online complaint with the company and got a call from a regional sales manager. Not CC or BB though.

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