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Crying through the night October 30, 2006

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On the stairsFreia cried half the night last night. She’s been a bit whiny for a few days and I’m not really sure what it’s about. Yesterday she started in the evening as I was baking choc chip cookies. I figured she probably needed to go out and wanted attention. So I took her out and that took her mind off things. Then she started up again. So I was thinking it might be the hot spot on her elbow as everynow and then she would try to lick it, so I knew that it was bothering her. Then I thought maybe she’s just super tired as she’s like a little kid, just before she goes to sleep at night, she always has a little cry like she’s fighting going to sleep, and we did go on a fairly long walk yesterday.

Finally she slept, but started to cry and moan again at 2 am. This is really not good. I started to get freaked out that maybe she’s eaten something sharp. I get up and take her outside (as she will also cry when she needs to go out but is not near the bell on the door to let me know). So, we go out, and she did need to go, so that was good. Her system is working, and all appears normal there. Go back to bed, I spray more hot spot stuff on her elbow and we all sleep. This morning, she starts up again, but not as badly.. Not good. I think maybe it could also be her back foot that’s been bothering her a bit for a while.

So.. it could be:

  1. The hot spot
  2. Her back foot
  3. Something she’s eaten
  4. General tiredness
  5. A puppy stage (pups go through all sorts of stages, one of them is whiny)
  6. Some other unknown

So, this morning I fed her and she ate up her food no problem, plus no problem when we went outside, all normal. I think that rules out any potential digestive disaster. I’ve sprayed her hot spot and that’s not bugging her. Lastly I’ve given her a really small dose of NSAIDs to see if that will reduce her discomfort in her back foot.
And now the crying has stopped, she’s playful enough to slather Sam with kisses, and she’s been contentedly chewing on a toy, she’s curled up half-sleeping at my feet and is back to her normal self growling at outside sounds. I will be watching her closely all day to see how she progresses and decide if the vet is once again on the cards.

It would be so much easier if they could say “It’s my foot” or “it’s my tummy” or “I just need a hug” – this not knowing is really heartbreaking as all I want to do is make her feel better.