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Creative Frenzy November 1, 2006

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Crochet DogBusy needles and hooks at the studio these days. I’ve gone from ennui to obsession. I’m jumping from one idea to the next and loving each one. I’m very excited about some new colors that I’m playing with and I’m really enjoying the results. It’s all about brights right now. The magazines are showing white everywhere and typically, I head way the opposite direction. Have to go where the muse sends me.

Pictured here is some fooling around with a new colorway idea for the Lilley Aviator Cap. In the process of playing with new colors I’ve rewritten a chunk of the pattern which makes it much easier to follow, so that’s a nice plus too. This little redo was kind of a major sidetrack from what I’ve been working on but once that bug bites I gotta scratch that itch. This is a quick one anyway. (yeah, easy to say after spending all morning editing…)

I actually have quite a few new ideas now that I will be showing at the January show, it’s funny how it all starts to snowball. First I hit a wall of “what the heck am I going to do now?” and then it starts and the ideas come out one after the other.. Then it becomes a matter of reining it in and focusing on the best ones, or putting some off till later. Plus I got a call from Shirley at Universal Yarn co. who wants me to design a bikini for them in time for the next show. I like the yarn they sent, so it will be fun, but it means I have to put down the other stuff. Plus I’m getting a case of UFO disease, so I have to really stop, slow down and put pen to paper before I get too far off course.. Times like these I really appreciate and enjoy what I do – it’s a good kind of crazy!

On a side note, firstly, whatever Freia was crying about the other day is gone, weird little dog, and secondly, I’m loving my new camera.

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  1. Carol Says:

    Hi! I saw your site at Firefly’s today. You have a pretty cool place here. UFO disease, lol I get stricken every once in a while, glad to know I’m not the only one.

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