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Sock For Tots – part 2 November 15, 2006

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Socks For Tots BoxesThe socks are up! Phew.. spent last night knitting and re-editing the Crunch pattern, it’s so so very much better now, then spent all of today writing, editing, web page building.. and I think the KR newsletter goes out in an hour.. (or is it thursday night? oh sigh, oh well.. at least it’s done!).

Now I have to do Soup, and I think I figured out which colorways to do as alternates for Crunch and Soup (violet, orange, pink and something.. teal maybe, or green). Also put up a new homepage on my site, which was way way long overdue. And I have to do the Wallis in Lagoon. Plus I have another couple of ideas to work out for the Socks For Tots range. It’s never ending. I must say, I’m really happy with how the Wallis Salsa Socks For Tots turned out, I may have to offer them in grownup sizes.. I know I want to wear them.

Because Soup will be an Alphabet sock, I’m thinking I will write it with the first 8 letters of the alphabet, but then include the charts for the remaining letters, that way, people could even write a name.. hmm.. maybe I should make mine say Knitwhit? A bit too cutesy for me.. but maybe for the show… now there’s an idea.

Wallis in Salsa


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  1. Sandy Says:

    Really cute socks! I think you should do matching baby mittens and hats, too. Darling gifties.

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