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Beauty and the Beast November 20, 2006

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A is for.. is for.. Alphabet Soup, or in this case Alphabet Soup sock. The first pair is finished, in a new colorway, Froot Loops. I will probably have it up on the Knitwhits site tomorrow. I will be randomly posting the letters of the alphabet from the chart here on the blog, but to get the full lot all at once (and the sock pattern to go along with it) check the Knitwhits site for the download or the kits. Once more yarn comes in I will do a version in primary colors like the Crunch sock (that has already shown itself to be a bestseller ~ woo hoo!). I’ve started on a Froot Loops version of the Crunch sock too.. so many socks, so much to do, so little time..



Ridge viewTunnel of TreesBut always time to walk the dog.. not that I have a choice in the matter anyway. Took her up to the Skyline Trail this weekend, we’ve not been there in a while as it’s been raining, and I’ve been warned off by regulars as the tics come out once the rains start. Figuring it had dried out enough, I braved the trail on Sunday. How pretty it was.

The hills were all misty and the air was lovely and fresh. I deliberately went early to avoid kids, but was not so lucky. The first people I met on the trail were with a young ‘un who kept assuring me that he wasn’t afraid of dogs, .. cute, but doesn’t help, my dog is afraid of you! Anyway, scooted past them and got in a good long walk, lots of other dogs, lots of playing.

I walked to a really pretty spot on the trail, and this time, since I had my fab new camera with me, I was able to capture it. The light was perfect. It was this exact spot on the trail that actually prompted me to get a new camera, which I’d forgotten until I came back here. There’s something so magical to me about paths like this, trees on both sides and overhead with the light filtering through. The leaves absorb all sounds and the path gets quiet, except for the chirping of the birds watching you. I think that the look of this part of the trail is also something that’s more common in England where I grew up, and it is that familiarity which makes these spots so beautiful and comforting. California is full of stunning sweeping landscapes, but at least where I am, and certainly in the valleys and further south, the land becomes so arid and the grasses become toasted and golden and dry in the sun. Hills and fields of green are short lived in this part of the world, a far cry from Devon where I grew up.

I’ve yet to go further than this point on the trail, it’s quite a ways from the start, and by this time, especially if Freia’s been playing with other dogs, she’s fairly pooped out, and I don’t want to completely exhaust her.

DigOn the way back, we came across another large group of kids, so I put Freia on the leash until they were safely behind me and all was fine, she actually paid no attention to them whatsoever which was perfect.

My plan was to go up to Sacramento to visit my mother, so I didn’t want to walk for too long. As I got home and opened the back of the car to get the dog.. horrors! A Tic! Yuck! I squashed it on the ground.. eek.. another!, another! oh god.. .. I think there were eight in all (are you itching yet?), and one on her pillow in the car. In a frenzy I sprayed her down with tic spray and combed her through to make sure they were gone, then I removed her bedding for washing, sprayed that down, then the inside of the car. Brought her in the house, stripped myself down to my undies, threw everything in the wash, got tic treatment for the cats, covered them in pesticides.. poor things, combed Freia down again and found one more dying tic… This all took a good hour. Then I got her stuff together again for the drive to Sac, stopping at the pet store on the way to get some sort of other tic treatment only to find out that I would have to wait till this one wears off before I can even put a anti-tic collar on her.

I finally hit the road for Sac. One hour into the drive I see two lanes over from me (I’m in the far left lane) something fly off the back of a pick up truck, it hits one car, (it’s an ice chest – ice is flying everywhere), then skids into the car driving in the lane next to me and she manages to hit it with her car, and the damn thing skids over into my car. I couldn’t swerve to avoid it as there was really nowhere to go, and it happened so quickly that I wasn’t sure that swerving wouldn’t make the situation worse. Well.. it gets caught in the undercarriage of the car, and is making a terrible scraping noise (that’s after the initial THUNK as it hit my car) I put on my flashers and try to pull into the emergency lane, but it’s so poorly maintained that I can’t safely use it, so I have to go the other way to the emergency lane on the right. Fortunately the road was fairly free of traffic, as I crossed into each lane the chest would dislodge itself and get caught up in some other part of the underside of the car. I finally get the car over, and as I’m slowing down, one last thunk and the ice chest is free, which is a good thing as I could smell the plastic or styrofoam from the ice chest heating up from the friction with the ground.. what a stink. So, I check the underside and it all seemed OK.. I was lucky.

One the way to my mum’s I was also going to check out a kennel for boarding Freia while I’m in San Diego for TNNA in January. This particular kennel was recommended by my vet, and the website made it look pretty good. Very reasonably priced, ($18/day) and they have a pool. They all seemed very nice, the place was clean and well run, they are obviously pros, but I was practically in tears by the time I left. There is no way I could leave Freia here. The kennels are indoor/outdoor with cyclone fencing, there is a small dog run where she would be able to stretch her legs a bit but she would be alone, no people time, unless I pay for the pool time, then she would have 45 mins ball throwing and pool time, but oh, what a cold place.. not for her, at least not now while she’s still so young. She needs loving and playing with other pups and people. There is one other place that I will check out that is closer to home, a lot more expensive, but also looks like something a bit more doggy friendly, and more what she is used to.

Red SkyLastly, since I’m in pretty picture mode.. here’s a sunset from the other night’s walk around the Bay Trail. If you look closely, you can see one of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge, between the land masses on the left (San Francsico) and the right (Marin). And the island in the middle? That’s Alcatraz.

Have you stopped itching yet?