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Crunch Socks for Tots November 23, 2006

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Crunch Fruit Loops SocksHere are the Crunch Socks in the Fruit Loops colorway – now done and up on the website. I think these colors are a nice alternative to the primary colorway I did first. I had those ones done and posted in the nick of time for the Knitter’s Review ad that went live last wednesday night. Primary CrunchAnd a good thing too, they are so far proving to be very popular!

For the Alphabet soup socks I reversed some of the colors and they worked out really well. I took all the finished socks with me to Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house this evening and the kids loved them, counting and saying their alphabets.. it was cute. Once I get to organizing the photography on the other ones I will post them, but it is after all a holiday today, right?

Happy Turkey Day!


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  1. Katie Says:

    Super cute!

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