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Soup Socks for Tots November 26, 2006

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soup topThe Alphabet Soup socks are up!

I don’t have the yarn in right now to do a pair in the primary colors, but as soon as it arrives I will be working on that version. Compare these to the Crunch socks below and you can see I flipped the positions of some of the colors and I will do the same for the primary versions too. Can’t say which one is my favorite, but I can say they are darn fun to make!

At the moment I’m back at work on the Amish Quilt Throw which is nice, semi-mindless knitting, one color at a time for a change.

Once that is done I will be back on the Ponsettia scarf I think, unless the contract gets finalized for the bikini for Universal Yarns, in which case that project will cut in front of all of them.Shirley sent me the yarn which arrived on Friday, but until I get absolute confirmation it’s not touching any needles.

Glam YarnThe yarn is called Glam, a blend of Polyamide (what on earth is that? .. ah.. wikipedia says it’s nylon) with a teeny bit of Glitter. Touching the hank of yarn, it feels almost like a slightly slippery cotton, but once knit up it sort of feels more like tights. It has some stretch to it too, not sure if that’s coming from the yarn itself or from the tubular shape of it. I like the way it knits up, the only drawback I find is that I must have really dry skin as it snags every so slightly sometimes as I’m working with it, enough to notice it, but not enough to really be super annoying or do any damage to the yarn. It looks like I just need to get some hand cream and drink more water!

Just to give you a mental picture, I’m sitting at my desk here with a hat, scarf and 3 layers of tops on. Do you think it’s time I turned the heat on in my house?!! It’s even supposed to snow tomorrow – not here at sea level, but on Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo (about 20 minutes away). Before I went to bed last night, Freia snuggled herself in next to me on the couch, she was all nice and toasty. I gave her an extra blanket last night as I wasn’t about to let her sleep on my bed, though it was tempting, she’s so warm…