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BFF December 6, 2006

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Here’s a few of Freia’s best friends…

BellaThis is Bella, she is a sweet border collie with a tail that sticks up like a broom brush. Lately we’ve been meeting up almost every morning and Bella herds Freia around, while keeping a close eye on her Frisbee. Occasionally Freia gets to the Frisbee before Bella and the chase is on. Bella is on the timid side though, and won’t let any dog or person (except her owner) get too close to her, so she’s in a real pickle when Freia gets the Frisbee.

Today they both collapsed on the grass only a couple of feet away from each other, which is a really big deal for Bella.. Freia gives Bella the space she needs and is perfectly happy for the company from a distance.

FergusHere’s a picture of Fergus, a little mix breed with the sweetest, gentlest temperament. He and Freia have had a few good chases around at the Berkelely Marina and at Point Isabel. Freia’s definately the boss in this friendship, but Fergus doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Lastly, this is Freia with Mitzie, a Chocolate Lab who is about a month younger than her. They have really bonded over the last few days and have a wonderful time wrestling and chasing each other around. MitzieThey are fairly close in size so are pretty evenly matched, though I think Freia is the boss here. Mitzie has a “sister”, called Bella a big Bernese type dog Leonberger who is a bear and a sweetie. Freia is completely besotted by Bella and squiggles around giving her puppy kisses. Bella has the patience of Job to put up with it. I’ll try to get a picture of that as it’s pretty funny to watch.

Freia is now in her second week of her “Dog Tricks and Service Skills”class. I swore I wasn’t going to teach her people tricks but I’ve just had too much fun teaching her left and right. It’s harder than you might think, not for Freia, for me, since I’m hopeless and after 40 years I still don’t know my left and right, so I have to really think about what I’m teaching her.. not so easy!


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  1. Nan & Fergus Says:

    Hi Tina,
    Finally made it here to see the photos of Freia and friends. (Fergus looks very dashing and especially hip with his long nose and sausage body from the lens of the camera, if I do say so myself). I am, however, very sorry to read your new of Friday about another bite for Freia. I hope you’re both ok, especially after the skidding Volvo on top of it all.

    Nan & Fergus

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