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Adrenaline December 8, 2006

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Freia got bit again today. Unbelievable. This time it’s another puncture and a slight tear in her lower eyelid. And she did nothing to provoke this at all. She was playing with a dog that is a bit clueless about its body. It barreled into me full force off the bat at the park. After about 20 min. or so of play he turned to play bite (I think … I hope it was only play) Freia and got her good. So this time I took her straight to the vet since it’s so close to her eye. More antibiotics for another week. This poor dog. I got stomach cramps from the worry of it all. Fortunately, and kindly, the woman caring for the dog has offered to pay the vet bill, which will hopefully just be that one visit as I have all the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic meds already at home.

Then, on our evening walk just now, a Volvo skidded out doing a U-turn and was headed straight for us. I didn’t think the car would hit us, but was more concerned about pieces of the car hitting us as it would hit the tree between us. It missed the tree, but plowed into the sidewalk almost sideswiping another tree. Major adrenaline rush for me. Hopefully for the driver too and they will be a bit more careful.

On the way back, at the same light, I stayed on the other side of the road and watched as a jeep did almost the very same thing. Hey folks, if it hasn’t rained in a while, the roads get slick, OK??? Geez.

Two stoplights later there was a motorcyclist who’d come off his bike at a turn, and landed on the corner (where I would have been waiting for the light to change had the timing been any different). The bike had careened into the signpost and looked to be stuck there somehow. The guy seemed OK, he was standing up and being checked out by paramedics. Just glad there were no pedestrians there either. That would have been deadly.