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Through a long tunnel darkly December 18, 2006

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It feels like forever since I last had time to write anything – but really it’s only been 10 days! I’ve been working on my new catalog, and today was the deadline to get it to the printer so that it’s ready in time for TNNA in January.

Diamond inthe SquareI spent the better part of this weekend working on the knitted quilt I’ve been making for ever. And I actually finished it. The last bit of stitching is for the border, worked in the round. You start with 1032 sts, and increase (yes, increase!) to 1128 by the last round. Each round would take me about an hour – and I’m considered to be a fast knitter! The nice thing was that once I had it figured out how long each round would take, I also knew that the end was in sight, and could literally count down the minutes and hours to when it would be done.

I actually screwed up the first three rounds of the border, and decreased instead of increasing – what a dolt – but I just couldn’t deal with undoing the rows, so instead I tore out the affected stitches and did my best to increase there instead. Somehow it worked well enough – I was pretty miffed (though also resigned to my fate) when I saw my mistake.

The next challenge was to photograph it. Being such a big piece with no cute little babies around me to wrap it around I was left with trying an assortment of displays on my furniture, laying it out on the floor and trying to get all the detail or laying it over a chair.. My favorite picture is of course the one I took of it with Freia. I actually had her deliberately pose for me, this is a fully staged image – I think she did a pretty good job. Of course, telling a dog that they CAN lie on the couch is not exactly rocket science!


3 Responses to “Through a long tunnel darkly”

  1. Janet Szabo Says:

    Hey, it turned out great! I love the colors. I love the dog, too. 🙂

  2. knitwhits Says:

    Thanks Janet, I’m happy with it too! And the dog ain’t bad either.. Have a happy Christmas!


  3. Pammy Says:

    Oh I AM impressed. Berry Bootiful – the quilt too!

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