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A good start January 1, 2007

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SD PostcardHad a lovely walk this morning at the Berkeley Marina. It was weirdly foggy, really thick soupy fog and crisp and cool. I couldn’t see much more than 100 feet in front of me. First off, met a friend from the Every Dog Day Care and Freia was respectfully goofy to Guido, a funny looking Italian Pointer type dog, called a Spumoni or something.. not really spumoni, but something like that. Then we saw Bella (Border Collie) and shortly thereafter came across Bella (Leonburger) , Mitzie (choc Lab), Ruby (Schnauzer) and Babette (Toy Rat Terrier), we all walked together for a bit in the fog, then we met up with Henry (Borzoi) and Ivy (Belgian Malinois? or Black German Sheperd Dog) What a pack we all were! What a weird mix of dogs, from the tall, skinny Borzoi who is waist high to most of us, down to the shivering Babette, who can’t be more than 7 inches tall with 3″ legs! And the 150 lb Bella who leans against me for pets and lets me keep my hands warm in her soft thick coat.

Before this weekend’s holiday started I decided to whip up a postcard for the upcoming TNNA show, to hopefully send out to stores by Wednesday. Cutting it a bit close as the show is the following week, but I think it’s always good to keep the name out there. Plus I want to show off how pretty my dog is with the Diamond In The Square Knitted Quilt.