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Lush with a capital L January 10, 2007

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Oh, I’m not a good blogger. Or maybe there really is just not enough time in the day. I’ve been prepping for TNNA in San Diego for most of the last two weeks and there is now less than 24 hours before I head down there, and I still have about a week’s worth of stuff to do. How does this happen?

Trying to decide on priorities is the hardest, so I figured I’d blow it all off and write in the blog!

Grace BeanieI have some cool news though. It looks like I may be doing another stint on Shay Pendray’s Needle Arts Studio (which has just been purchased by Interweave) on PBS. Just have to wrangle up sponsorship for the slots. Also found out that I made the cover (sort of) of the Knitty Gritty Knits Book (backgammon set that I designed). Can’t get much cooler than that! I’m also in this years Stitch N’ Bitch Calendar sorry, don’t remember the date offhand.. it’s the Grace Beanie (also available as a freebie on my website – look for Other Stuff, then, Free Pattern).

I have some new ideas for how to decorate my booth this time. I bought some pretty shelving from Ikea and will tie it all in with my “Bright Ideas” theme that I used for the ad I ran in Yarn Market News. I’m also trying to bring less stuff with me this time. I always used to bring one of every single kit I offer. Now that I offer so very many styles, it’s just not practical in such a small space. I’m looking forward to setting it all up.

Another reason to bring less stuff this time, so that I have more time – is that I will be going to a Kaffe Fasset lecture on set-up day. This man is a genius with color – scratch that, he’s a genius, full stop. He’s an amazing painter, beautiful sense of color and a great eye for design. He’s one of the most prolific people out there, dipping his hand in knitting, needlepoint, quilting, mosaics, textile design, painting and a lot more.. I’m really looking forward to this. I’d love to see if I could get him to swing by my booth to show him what I do. Years ago, I called his studio in London when I was there visiting family and I was shocked when he was the one who answered the phone! I called him to ask him if I could work for him somehow, from the US. I told him I had stitched numerous of his needlepoint designs, including the Rose Trellis Rug, the Artichoke, the Cat in the Ruffle Collar and more. We had a lovely conversation and I ended up stitching up some sample pillows for his parent’s shop in Big Sur (Nepenthe). If you are ever in the area, the attached Phoenix Shop and Restaurant are must-sees.

Sorry, no pictures for you this time, but click on the Kaffe Fassett link above to get a real feast for the eyes.. This is needlepoint like you’ve never seen it! Can you say “LUSH!”