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Please allow me to introduce myself… January 20, 2007

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Well, I met him. I met Kaffe Fassett. Very cool. The chat he gave was good, it wasSan Diego 07_2 interesting to hear more of where he’s coming from and heading to in his design process. After the slide show I went to front of the hall to introduce myself, thank him for being him and beg him to stop by my booth.. ok, yes, I grovelled a bit.. But he’s way cool! I saw him again later that night and gave my my postcard with the picture of Freia on it to see if that would work to get him to stop by. As it happened, I don’t know if he ever did or not. I saw him walking the show floor a few times, I’ve no idea if he ever peeked into my space though as I wasn’t in the booth 100% of the time.

San Diego 07_1So, here is what my booth looked like this time. Quite a change from previous shows, I brought in more color and reduced the amount of samples and kits on show to the new stuff and the best sellers. The idea was to also keep it all bright and colorful. The best aspect of this is that customers could actually enter the space! Last year, when I took a single corner booth, I brought and displayed everything.. too much stuff. You couldn’t even turn around to catch your breath! This was more shoppable and customer friendly. I think people liked it. I got a few “nice booth” compliments.. always a good thing.

The show itself was not as busy as previous shows, but also better for me than the last one in Indianapolis, so I was glad. Apart from the inevitable stomach ache that I get from nerves and eating too rich or spicy restaurant food , I greatly enjoy these shows. And they get better each time as I become more comfortable with what I’m doing and more used to the whole rigmarole of setup, selling and teardown.

Other people that I was excited to meet this go around were Teva Durham, who designed one of my alltime favorite sweaters (the fairisle sweater in Loop-D-Loop) and also Melanie Falick, who wrote one of my alltime favorite and inspirational knitting books, Knitting in America – reprinted as “America Knits”), Nancie Wiseman (too many books to mention..) and Nancy Bush (of Folk Socks fame). I said hello to the usual suspects, Clara Parkes of Knitter’s Review, Vickie Howell (Hostess of Knitty Gritty and yarn entrepreneur), Shay Pendray, Stacy Charles, Darlene Hayes and designer Kim Dolce, and many more knitting celebs.. lots of knitting blog stars, names I remember and some I don’t… I got a signed copies of Brandon Mably’s Knitting Colour, and Vickie’s Knitty Gritty Knits, which happens to have my backgammon set on the cover!

One thing I musn’t forget is to thank the lovely Erin for joining me at the show, helping out in my booth and being a hard working gal and great company to boot. I’ve been fortunate to have found really great people to help me out at the shows, and Erin was no exception.

And a very honourable mention goes to my hotel and meal partner, Larisa of Offhand Designs. She’s the one to see if you are looking for a great knitting bag or a stylish baby bag. She also makes the perfect bowl of oatmeal:larisa’s oatmeal