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The Zoo that I call Home February 14, 2007

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Sam 1Took all the creatures to the vet today. Sam had a claw that was growing too long and curling around to his foot pad. I tried to cut it back the other night, but he peed on me, and the claw remained uncut. Fortunately, when he peed I had him tightly bundled in a blanket, so I personally did not get peed on, just the blanket. I didn’t get mad at him, I just felt sorry for him, poor guy. Since he’s “of a certain age” (16 years) he’s falling a little behind in his personal upkeep and is not sharpening his claws like he used to, so they risk becoming ingrown.

Sam 2Since I got the dog, and now have a new vet for her, I figured I’d start the cats at the new vet too. I really much prefer this vet over the last one that I used for the cats before. Here they are friendly, caring and personable, as well as professional and communicative. Plus they aren’t exhorbitantly expensive, even though I have managed to spend a small fortune there over the course of the last year.

SableSo, new vet, new diagnoses for both cats. The previous vet had decided the two cats had kitty herpes, with Sable showing symptoms in her eyes (goopy) and Sam in his sinuses (stuffy nose/sneezing). They prescribed Lysine. I wasn’t thrilled with the diagnoses but tried the Lysine anyway, which had no effect. The new vet took one look at Sable, cleaned her eyes and showed me that she has entropia (inwardly folding eyelids). Now this makes some sense. And.. it can be corrected with surgery. Looks like my old lady is in for an eyelift! She doesn’t have a huge number of years left in her, but if this would make her more comfortable, then I’m for it. Oh, she also has a heart murmur (a 3 on a scale of 1-6) and arrythmia. Poor gal.

Sam 3As for Sam, he needs dental work, which is what is causing the sinus trouble (and probably contributing to his kidney issues too). Now that will be expensive as they will probably end up having to extract four canines (the big teeth).. last but not least, the vet said that Sam also has cataracts, and I told the vet that I believe he’s also becoming deaf. Sable gets an eyelift and Sam gets his teeth pulled.. not very fair.

And Freia? Well, she has an ear infection. This is because she is addicted to swimming, and runs from one dirty puddle to the next at the park. It’s also because her regular bacteria which help prevent these sorts of things is suppressed as she’s on this long term therapy for the mystery disapperaring bladder infection.

Sam 4Tomorrow I get the results of the kitties blood tests which will probably tell me that they are both suffering from kidney failure and thyroid issues, both fairly typical for old age cats. Then starts the debate of how much time/money does one spend to keep them going? And to who’s benefit is it to do that?

Like most pet owners, I really would like them to die peacefully at home in their sleep.

I can tell you one thing, after having these two around for 14 years, I’m going to miss them when they are gone, and even though Freia’s only known them for these first few months of her life, I know she will miss them too.


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  1. Christina Says:

    Sorry to hear Sam and Sable have so many problems. But as you said, they’ve enjoyed life with you for many, many years now.

    ~ Christina

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