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In Sickness and In Health February 21, 2007

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MedsI’m beginnning to feel as though I run an infirmary.

Freia’s ear infection cleared up, but then she got some horrendous tummy bug yesterday and spent the next 12 hours eating grass, then throwing it up, or .. worse. Her tummy was so gurgly that I could hear it across the room as I worked. I originally had plans to meet my mum, but Freia’s bug came on full force on our afternoon walk, so I called my mum to cancel our vague dinner plans. Later, just as I would think Freia was better, I’d reach for the phone to re-arrange to meet Mum for dinner, then the dog’s tummy would gurgle ominously, forcing me to hang up before I’d even dialed the phone number.

3am was the last bathroom call for the dog. You know it’s love, when you resign yourself to walking around the block waiting for your dog to do its business at 3 in the morning, in your pyjamas, in the dark, in the city. Fortunately she was then fine. She has slept for most of the day today and ate a light B’fast and dinner and is keeping it all down. No more gurgling.

NoseThen there’s the cats.

Sable is apparently my other problem child. According to the blood tests I couldn’t have been more wrong in my judgement of their health issues. Kidneys and thyroid appear to be pretty good in both cats (for their age). However.. Sable appears to have a tumor in her liver (or possbily her bile duct). The vet is quite concerned and has suggested a few next steps, namely an ultrasound to get a better idea of what’s going on, and then either an aspiration, or a biopsy of the affected area. Her white blood cell count is not particularly high, which says that her high liver enzyme readings are unlikely to be coming from an infection, and pretty much confirming the tumor theory. So the question would be if it’s benign or not. I really don’t want to go down the path of major surgery to try and remove the tumor, it just seems like at her age it would be hard on her. All I can really go on is her mood, which is pretty good, her activity level, which is unchanged and her appetite, and she’s eating fine, so it’s all a tough call.

And then there’s Sam. Ironically, he has the blood readings of a kitten. The perfect candidate for the major dental surgery that he most likely needs, but he should pull through just fine, and have a few more years to continue being tortured by the dog.


The cat thinks he must be a god because we give them food, pets and shelter,

the dog thinks we must be gods because we give them food, pets and shelter.


2 Responses to “In Sickness and In Health”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Aw, Freia looks so sad in that pic! Well, the good thing about tummy bugs is that they usually go away on their own. When Duke has a tummyache, he’ll eat a little grass, spit up a little, then he’s usually back to his old self. When I can tell he’s not eating right, I’ll give him some steamed rice and chicken. He loves it. Our vet recommended this when he won’t eat his regular food. Also, the vet said dry food is much better for the dog than wet. We try to mix it up, some dry and some wet, even though he loves his gravy. The other thing we give him is Nutro dog biscuits for “sensitive” stomachs. I think they help with his digestion.

  2. Jean Christie Says:

    Oh so true regarding the differences between the dog and the cat.

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