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Hey, that stings! February 23, 2007

seen written on an online knitting forum regarding Knitty Gritty:

“Con: The episode I happened to catch was a knitted bikini pattern. I’m way past knitted bikini age myself, and so was the knitter/designer featured

Ouch! How old does she think I am??

That’ll teach me to ego-surf. Actually, I thought it was a bit funny.

When I was at Costco the other day I picked up a bottle of cheap plonk to use as cooking wine and I didn’t get carded. Of course I didn’t – I haven’t been carded since long before I even turned 21, which was close to 20 years ago.. I gave the guy at the checkout a hard time – joking “hey, you didn’t even ask me my age!”. I told him he could make any woman’s day by carding her. We laughed. He apologised.

Seriously though, if someone did card me I would think they were half blind. Someone who is under 21 really looks under 21, and I think you can only see it as you get older, the kids get younger – does that make any sense – or am I becoming senile now too?


As ye knit so shall ye rip. The cable sweater I started is coming undone tonight. I need to make it narrower. I kind of thought so all along, but I had to get through the first skein to really get a sense of the width and how it felt in that weight of yarn (cotton worsted). I’m actually really looking forward to taking it apart and starting over – maybe I am becoming senile.

It’s been so chilly here the last few days that I’m almost wishing I had been working on those gloves…


Fergus and FreiaSigned Freia up for another class. This one is on off-leash behaviour. For her, the problem is recall. She’s had a couple of disappearing acts at the dog park, but always in play with another dog, and she does return within a few minutes. I would of course prefer her to not run away, and certainly not out of bounds into the non-off leash areas of the park. That being said, her biggest sin is recall related.

She’s now taken to chasing the maintenance vehicles that sometimes come into the dog park, the odd bicyclist, and visitors to the park who look “out of place”, namely those without a dog, or wearing more formal clothes such as a long coat. She’s also curious about baby strollers, children on wheels of any kind, and squeaking children at play. Her other big trick is stealing other dogs’ toys. These are all puppy related behaviours, but it’s at the point where it’s really not so cute to have a 70lb dog barking at a passerby, who is only minding their own business. I don’t believe she will hurt anyone, but it’s really not appropriate for her to do this. Also, I want to put her into some agility classes but I need for her to have a bullet-proof recall before starting her in this as I believe sometimes the classes are held in an open field near a road. I can’t risk her doing something really stupid, to anyone else or herself.

When she gets in her “puppy zone” her curiosity and excitment gets the better of her, and I can call her to my heart’s content and she hears nothing. The only thing that works is for me to turn, walk away and call her away from whatever is attracting her attention. This of course doesn’t look very good to others, as it looks as though I’m ignoring the situation. And actually I am, in a way. All I can do is diffuse the situation by demonstrating how this person/thing is of no interest, and she’d better stick with me. If head in her direction, then that eggs her on more, as she takes that as me joining in the frenzy, and she gets closer still to her target.

So to recall class we go. If history has anything to say on it, I know she will have a blast. She loves going to school. This is a new school for her, the Oakland Dog Training Club. They also offer agility, rally, utility and tracking. I’m hopeful that I will like this place as much as Berkeley Humane.