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Happy Birthday BabyGirl! March 11, 2007

Bella KissFreia is one year old today. Green BurgerWhat a marvel it is to watch her grow and play and growl and run and kiss and squirm with joy and cower in fear. She gets dogs that don’t play to play, and loves the cats far more than they do her. She torments me with her rambunctious behaviour and then passes out from exhaustion, giving me time to fall in love with her all over again (which takes about 2 seconds..). She has cost me a small fortune in vet bills, training, day care (socialization) and eats everything in sight. It scares me how much she means to me and I wouldn’t take away a moment of the time I’ve had with her.

Happy Birthday little girl!


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  1. Janet Szabo Says:

    Oh, how we love Chessies, and most especially when they have birthdays. Chester sends you a big birthday kiss from a fellow Chesapeake!

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