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Carly and the Chocolate Factory April 8, 2007

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Susie and I went for a walk/photo shoot in the cemetery to photograph my new felted mitten design – pictures to come later – after we were done, I had to drop off a kit for a customer at Article Pract, and Susie spotted a new chocolate shop..

But it’s a sectret.. sort of.

Next time you visit Article Pract, go in the afternoon so that you can also experience two wonderful neighbors. Doña Tomás, at 5004 Telegraph, about 3 or 4 doors down from the yarn shop, only open for dinner from 5:30, but sooo good! They have a lovely patio/courtyard to eat at and if the weather is just right, you feel like you are in Mexico!

chocolate machineAnd here’s the secret – in that courtyard (on your right as you enter) go into the side door, it’s the littlest chocolate factory in the world! You have entered Cosmic Chocolate

Yummy! The chocolate is divine, the flavors are beyond delicate – so maybe best to try it before you hit the Mexican restaurant as you won’t be able to enjoy the subtle flavors.

choc rackThe chocolates are all made here, you can peek in and see this amazing chocolate machine they brought from Belgium, the aroma emanating from the melted chocolate as it’s being stirred is a taste of heaven!

CosmicNext to the machine are racks of finished chocolates waiting to be boxed up. With all sorts of colors and flavors and names like Shangrila, Cosmic Bliss, Beaming Buddha, Cuban Moon, Shimmering Fizz and Blushing Geisha, this is not your average chocolatier!

Here they are, all boxed up and ready to go. You can purchase directly from the factory itself, and in all likeyhood, it will be Carly (who I believe is the founder of the company) who will help you make your selection. If you won’t be in the neighborhood, you can always order from their website store at


Cosmic Bliss Hearts

I got this one to start, containing Cinnamon Honey, Espresso Cognac, Hazelnut and Peanut Butter. My favorites were the Hazelnut and the Cinnamon Honey, Scrumptious!