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Something so simple April 8, 2007

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So, in an earlier post I mentioned that I wrangled Susie into helping me out (once again!) with some photography for my soon to be recently released Felted Mittens. This was a perfect example of how to make something far more complicated than it needed to be.


I needed a picture of the mittens, hopefully showing the design, but also clearly showing that they are mittens. I also have a really cool pine cone, so I thought they would be a good match. Have Susie put on the mittens, pine cone in hand, take the pictue and voila!


Mittens 1 Mittens 2 Mittens 3

Mittens 4 Mittens 5 Mittens 6

So the pine cone didn’t do it, neither did the dog, nor the tree.
(oh, and when I took the last photo of the tree, Susie actually has her cell phone to her ear, she’s just found out that an arsonist had set her son’s future school on fire the night before,
just goes to show, you never know what’s really going on behind the photo!)

The end result? The second picture we took, and of course, the simplest

Mittens 7


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  1. elanknits Says:

    They are gorgeous, love the colours.

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