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I’m Knitting as fast as I can.. April 26, 2007

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On my way to In Detroit for taping of a 4 minute segment for Shay Pendray’s Needle Arts Studio (airs on PBS). You know, these shows are great fun to do, and a fantastic experience, even though I somehow feel like I’m just making a giant fool of myself, but boy, what a lot of work.

I guess that’s really my own fault, as I choose my projects and what my presentation will be (more so with this show than with KnittyGritty). So I’m knitting and knitting..

I ran into Stefanie Japel at the Dallas Airport, we spoke briefly on the plane and then I hitched a ride to our hotel with her. We just got back from a very chatty (mainly me doing the chatting) dinner at a local restaurant. What a nice gal! That is one of the nicest things about what I do, is to run into people who you recognize or know vaguely and then get to know them a bit better as time goes on and find out that they are really cool! In her case, I’d seen her walk by a few times at the last TNNA show, her booth was somewhat near mine, and though we have both done design work for Jen Hansen at Stitch Diva Studios, we had never been formally introduced. Since I recognized her at the airport I said hello and we ended up having a nice dinner and a nice evening together, with a topic and expericences in common.

On the plane the two of us were knitting and knitting.. it’s all got to be ready for tomorrow’s taping, so why I’m writing this now instead of knitting as I should be.. your guess is as good as mine.. I call it “creative avoidance”, well, that and sore fingers.

I will be showing how to make the “Flore” petal hat – as Stefanie put it “the one you are famous for” wow.. dunno that famous is quite right, but hey, if someone recognizes it, then that ain’t bad. For my four minutes of infamy, I have decided to do a bunch of step outs,

  • how the stitch pattern is done,
  • how to attach the layers,
  • how to work the decrease,
  • and the finishing.

Sounds simple enough, except that I have to show the hat in five or six different stages of completeness. That’s a lot o’ knitting – I have once again developed a callous on my index finger. Doesn’t work well with the fancy TV manicure I got, but oh well…

And as for the other show guests also taping tomorrow (hope I’m not breaking any national secrets here) but it looks like Joan MM from White Lies Designs, Nancy Queen who wrote Chicks with Sticks, Kristin Nicholas, who, as it turns out is one of my favorite designers – check out the kid’s dotty sweater from Interweave Winter 03 issue – fantastic! – and Lisa Gentry, the world’s fastest crocheter (that would be 170 sts/minute..)

OK, now I really have to knit, and I so want to tell you about the angry young girl on the plane, and the dog trying to figure out which suitcase she would be fitting in for this trip, and the sweater with the most amazing cable design on the sleeves that I made for the show that I just love, and the cute hotel we are staying at, and the… and the..

“creative avoidance”


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