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a sad tale April 27, 2007

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Take a minute to read this, it may take your breath away – it did mine.


2 Responses to “a sad tale”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Suspicious is what I would be in some places in our South as a darkhaired, semi-Arab, semi-European looking woman. In the same vein, my husband, who is light, Irish, and crewcutted would be suspect in a Middle Eastern country. Who knows whom to trust? It’s sad that this professor was singled out, but it’s understandable. I’m not saying racial profiling is good and right, but anyone leaving a box by a trash can needs to think twice. We see notices all over BART and airports telling us to report unattended packages. Another sad but true fact of life.

  2. septemous Says:

    Whoa .. thanks for the link. We are no longer ‘becoming’ a fascist nation, we ARE one.

    Take a look in the mirror America — I don’t like what I see. It is time to realize that we would rather be bombed by terrorists, then live in constant terror of our government!

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