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A Long Time Coming May 10, 2007

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New WebOK, so I’m really turning out to be about the lousiest blogger out there, and like all the other lousy bloggers I have really good reasons, honest.

I’m redoing my website, and it’s looking good! My friend, the talented Ms. Safarik is doing the hardcore programming and we are developing the design together. There’s still a ton of work to do, but it’s coming along really nicely.

The other thing that turning into a giant time-sucker but really quite fun, in some crazy way, is that my mother is packing up her rental house of 30 years in the city. Everything has to go. Yesterday Susie and I went over and Susie picked out a great stash of amazing fabrics and sewing stuff that my mum either doesn’t use or has replaced. We also picked through a bunch of old 70’s clothes including some awesome shirts from Biba in London that are all too small for me to wear (like they would fit an 8-year old). Those were the times of Twiggy, and my mum was another trendy jetstetting stylish London twig! There was also a faboulous pink sheepsking jacket (furry) that is just totally crazy and I actually wore it in public when I was a teenager – that’s going to a dear friend who is still out there clubbing and grooving and always looks fab and could actually carry off wearing a jacket like that. I snagged this most incredible hat that I adore! It’s probably from the sixties and it’s way cool. I won’t wear it a whole lot as it’s fur and very toasty, but I had to have it! I will post a picture when I can get a decent one.

Going back there today to maybe pack up some other stuff. She’s also giving me some curtains that my great grandmother crocheted.. wow, the valance is just stunning (pictures to come, I promise) and the dishes that I’ve coveted forever, they are matte black around the edge and white shiny in the middle (black all on the outside) they are soooo swellegant. She’s also giving me some bedside chairs that she’s saved from when she was married to my dad and they lived at Orsett. Anything from Orsett is a keeper as far as I’m concerned! There’s lots more too.. too much to list, but it’s all very cool stuff, and would be a horrible shame to chuck out.