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Up in Flames May 11, 2007

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Yesterday I mentioned Orsett Hall in my post and today the building has suffered a major fire.

This house was in our family for close to 100 years (from 1884 to 1968) I lived there for my first year or so, and though I don’t remember it then, my dad sold it to a family that we became good friends with and I do remember visiting them many, many times into my teens.

If I remember correctly one of my great great uncles (or something like that) originally won it in a game of cards – those were the days!

My dad has stories of him and his sister running around the rooftops when they were kids during WWII, giving my grandmother no end of heart tremors, I’m sure. Later when he was a race car driver, they used to race go-carts around the driveway. This place has seen some pretty crazy times.
My cousins and I had fantasized about buying it back from the current owners and turning it back into the lovely stately home it once was. Now it’s future is looking quite bleak.

Strike that:

An absolute heartbreaking tragedy.

Up In Flames Up in Flames - 02 Up in Flames - 03 Up in Flames - 04

What with this burning down, my father and stepmother divorcing and selling Southfields, our family home in Kent of the last 20 years, my swedish uncle giving up the flat in Stockholm that was my mother’s and his childhood home, and was my grandmother’s home of some 60 years, and my mother moving out of the house in San Francisco, our home of the last 30 years, I feel totally uprooted.


6 Responses to “Up in Flames”

  1. Tink Says:

    Dear Tina,
    I am so very sorry to see that beautiful home go up in smoke! Sounds like a huge time of transition for you. You are not uprooted if you have family that loves you; especially Freia!
    Home is where the heart is. Truly it is.
    Take care,

  2. David Says:

    I went down there this morning. It’s all gone I’m afraid.

  3. Sandy Says:

    So sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family begin healing soon, and that you make new beautiful memories together.

  4. William Says:

    This was a very sad story about the home and everybody almost at the same time making some life changes. I hope this wave goes easy on you, Freia and the cats.

  5. kate Says:

    this hall evidently belonged to our family years ago and was given away by a backwards member of the family in a bet or game who handed on the deeds of the house. Fist time I’ve seen anything that agrees with this story.

  6. Don Says:

    i did some work in the boiler house at the hall when i was an apprentice around 1969-70. it was in the Morgan family then but the butler made tea for us and spoke warmly of the good old days when Sir John entertained famous racing drivers there at wild parties.
    I also worked at Orsett House occupied by a grand lady I was led to believe was Sir Johns mother. Years later I was driving at Brands Hatch on an open practice and got thoroughly overtaken by Sir John driving an historic racing saloon car (Red and Gold Alan Mann Cortina Mk1) similar to the car he won the championship with in the old days!

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