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Foxtail 1 – Freia 0 July 19, 2007

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A Sad DogBack from the vet, the foxtail is still winning, it’s buried about 2 inches into the surface of her front paw (you can see where it’s all red in the photo) and after sedating, followed by extensive poking, probing, prodding and rinsing with saline, they weren’t able to get it out, so now she’s sleepy, miserable, scared and in pain, and very, very quiet.

Fortunately she’s spending most of her time sleeping — if she continued to give me this look all day I would be functioning at an even lower level than I am already.

The vet says to wait a few days and it will likely resurface somewhere else on her paw, and they will try again.. and they also said this is not unusual to not be able to get the darn thing out either. Part of me is wondering if it’s already come out by itself as she was better earlier today than she was yesterday, but I daren’t have taken the risk of not at least trying to get it, and not getting in to seeing the vet till mid-week next week and risk it just get worse and worse.


2 Responses to “Foxtail 1 – Freia 0”

  1. Christina Says:

    Poor Freia! I hope she beats that foxtail soon.

    ~ Christina

  2. Mia Says:

    Poor girl. She certainly is know for getting into things.

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