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89 Reasons to love a Chesapeake Bay Retreiver (and counting..) August 12, 2007

Freia on the FutonHere is what Freia understands and can differentiate so far:

Freia, Sit, Down, Treat, You want some dinner?, Eat your breakfast, Eat your dinner, OK, Ready, Cross (the road), Wait, Stop, Come (Come Here), Come Front, Left Paw, Right Paw, Up, Jump Up, Down, Jump Down, Jump (over), Find it, Yes, No, Get it, Off (she usually chooses to ignore that one…), Go lie down, Upstairs, Downstairs, Look, Take it (carry it), Walk, Outside, Inside, Where’s your tail?, Shake (off water when wet), Gentle, No Bark (another one she chooses to ignore…), Let go, Drop it, Heel (not so good at this one), Stay with me, Back, Go potty, Go get some water, Look at me, Go play and Knock it off

(Real) Animal Friends she knows by name:
Rufus, Sparky, Bella, Kona, Kuma, Pancho, Sam (aka Sammy), Sable (aka Stinky or Boo), Ruby, Mitzie, Cody, Ollie,  Spike, Biggie, Fergus, Millhouse, Amie, Oscar and Turbo

Toys she knows by name:
Bone, Monkey, Ducky, Ball, Fuzzy, Goose, Stick, Bottle, squirrel, mouse, Tigger, Bag and Box

Prey she knows by name:
Squirrel, bird and goose

People she knows by name:
Lisa, Rod, anyone called “Buddy” and Susie

This says two things. First, I think she’s a pretty darn smart dog, second.. I probably need to  get a life and spend a little less time talking to her…

In other news.. she still has the foxtail in her foot, 3 vet visits and still no luck, she’s become more tolerant of me and the vets poking and prodding at her paws which maybe is a good thing in the end. Fortunately the foxtail seems to be staying in one place (her paw) so I’m not worried about it travelling into her lungs or brain or some other horror story that has been known to happen. She’s no longer limping much from it so it’s less of an immediate concern, we’re just going to wait it out at this point. I would have posted a happier picture of her but this is all I could find for now.. she really is quite a cheerful gal.