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Unwound and unwired November 16, 2007

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Life is good.

I’ve come out of the dark ages and am now set up to work off my laptop wirelessly, in the comfort of my living room instead of the dungeon my studio. Which means I won’t be shivering in the cold, or shuffling through mounds of paperwork on my desk just to  be able to relax. Which means all those brilliant, highly intelligent thoughts that come to mind as I’m knitting or puttering about and think “hey, I should blog about that” I may actually get to writing down. Not only that, but my new upgraded service is FAST, like scary fast, wow, I love it.. I don’t have to wait for my computer to dwell on whether or not it will open a web page this minute, hour or day. I click the link and it opens, instantly! Woo hoo!

So a lot has happened since I last wrote – thankfully as that sure is a depressing post, sorry about that, but I guess that’s life, or death..

Right after my last post, I went on a cruise to Alaska! It was great. I was teaching knitting to a fabulous group of students and I think we all had a really wonderful time. It was also the best thing I could have done as I was a wreck trying to absorb the loss of my friend. Had I continued to stay at home, it would have taken me a lot longer to move forward again.

I taught 3 classes on the boat, Alterknitives, Fair Isle and Crochet Flowers. I think Alterknitives was the most fun, or at least I think that was the one I enjoyed the most. It was the first class on the first morning, so nicely served as a bit of an icebreaker (no pun intended) and everyone got to see a bit where the skill levels lay.

The boat itself was nice, big, decent food, cheesy entertainment, just as you’d expect, I think, any travelling holiday camp to be. I swore I was going to use the gym everyday, I didn’t, I swore I was going to use all the spa services, didn’t do that either.. but, I did walk multiple laps around the ship everyday, I think maxing out at 4 miles per day in the end. It was a lovely thing to do, and kept me from packing on the pounds since I didn’t have the dog to chase around. Speaking of which.. you know you can bring dogs on board?? As long as it’s a service animal  – how about that?? They put out a little potty place for pups on the promenade deck..and take it away so it’s not there all day, or during a sea storm. The staff on the boat told me that on a previous cruise they had 7 guide dogs!  Princess offered us teaching jobs, which I declined, thank you, as I wouldn’t do it without the hound.. what a thing to have a Chesapeake Bay Retreiver as a ship mascot! If that was the case, then you could count me in for a season..

After the cruise I came back to a world of chaos and work, which I’ve yet really to clamber out of. I did the TKGA show, first time I’ve done a retail show and it was a LOT of work, but very valuable. It was super nice to meet some wonderful people who enjoy my designs. That was worth all the labor and exhaustion of the show itself. Plus I had some wonderful friends help me out, many of whom I’d not seen in far too long a time.

After that, my darling mother that I adore took me to see “Appomatox” by Philip Glass at the San Francisco Opera. I had a little snooze in the first half, I think as one does at the opera – certainly judging by those seated around me – protocol dictates that it’s ok as long as you don’t snore. I have to say, it did remind me somewhat of “Les Miserables” but sort of a high end version…  I don’t know if it’s the distraction of the supertitles or what. The music itself was fabulous, of course, in fact better than I expected. I was somewhat fearful of the repetitiveness of his music in that setting but it was a perfect fit, and allowed you to listen to the singers. To anyone out there, after Appomatox now I want to read a good book about the Civil War – any suggestions? It has to be something interesting, not too dry please. I’m reading a book that’s not bad about Marie Antoinette right now, which is pretty much the same time frame, but definately a world apart, and yet, some of the same characters though too… So, if you know a good book on the Civil War, I’m all ears.

Oh, and the other time sucker.. I got raveled.. ravelry, revelry… wow.. I could spend a lot of time futzing around there.. so interesting. And also, it’s forcing me to get my act to gether on this blog and ACTUALLY WRITE SOMETHING for a change…

Now I’m in full design mode.. I’m having a blast working on a collection of kids sweaters, for Tots aged from 2 – 8 years. I’m still trying to determine if there will be kits or not, for the moment it’s just patterns. Actually one pattern, with two more closely to follow – see knitwhits on ravelry for more details. Pictures will come here shortly too.

So, on that note, I’m going to go and knit. I have a sweater to re-knit…  but that’s another post.