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Happy Happy Joy Joy December 14, 2007

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xmas-freia.jpgWell this picture about says it all, at least in terms of what Freia thinks of christmas. To her it means long hours of watching me work.This time of year I’m getting the new catalog ready, working on last minute designing and frenzied knitting, trying to get it all done for the new catalog and ready to go for the next trade show in January (TNNA Long Beach) – oh and yes, I will stoop to humiliating the dog for commercial purposes.. that’s what pays for her daily beef bones!


Siena SweatersI’ve finished the three toddler sweaters, two are up on the website , one more still needs another round of proofing and number checking, but here’s a picture for you anyway – it’s modeled after the Siena Hat I’m pretty happy with it, a nice basic, easy to make Fair Isle sweater. Sorry about the picture, wordpress is having a tizzy over it and this is the best it will let me do.. grr.


ripley in pinkAha, it is letting me post this picture though.. weird.. OK.. so this one is of the Ripley Togs for Tots sweater that I knitted up in an 8 year old size. Now I want one for me.. this is a great casual sweater.. so I guess big people sizing is next on this.. it’s just too darn cute! I made the neck a little different too, it’s actually a bit lower in the front so you don’t get that choking feeling which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear than just a straight up funnel neck top. I just love these colors (for me!) . If you click on the link above you can see it in another colorway, in browns, a lot more woodsy looking..


Amelie Seaside ThrowSince I’m on a roll here.. I’ll post another picture of a new version of the Amelie throw. This version is done in a range of blues with a blue/white/greyish background. I’m going to kit this one up.. It won’t be cheap cos of the amount of yarn needed, but I think it’s very pretty and kit-worthy.. and well.. since I’m kitting that one up, I may as well kit the original colorway too.. My intent with that one is to make a Queen size bedspread, but for a kit, it would be more like small throw, shawl or scarf quantities..

I’ve also been working on a new top secret project that I’m very excited about, but that will have to wait for another post. At least until the new year..


Oh, and I keep forgetting to say..I’m (finally) on Ravelry now.. if you’ve worked on a Knitwhits design it’s easy for you to link it over now as all the patterns are up in Ravelry – that was a job and a half. You can find it all by searching under “knitwhits” (of course… )