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New Knitting Project – A cool Cardi-Coat January 27, 2008

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I’ve had some Tahki Baby Chunky Merino floating around in my stash for eons. I don’t recall if they gave it to me or if I bought it, but I just love this yarn, it’s so soft and a really nice chunky weight and comes in a beautiful color palette.

shrugI’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this yarn forever. I was browsing around one of my favorite sites and came across this little shrug which I thought was cute, though I’m not a shrug kind of gal. Starting from that point though I figured I’d do something similar, a top-down, knit in one piece cardigan. So, longer sleeves, not quite as fitted, probably hip length (yet TBD), oh, and color-blocked. Some recent fashion mag I picked up said “color block is OUT” but too bad.. you have to work with what you got, and I don’t have enough of one color to make it a solid, and who really cares what the mags say anyway??

cardi CoatSo, I started it last night, jotting down notes as I go along and it’s coming along quite nicely I have to say. The colors I have on hand are Chocolate, Ecru, Baby Pink, Sand and Seafoam. I think I may also have a Khaki in the studio so I will have to check that later. This morning I decided also that this really needs to be a practical cardi-coat, so it will have pockets (probably Patch pockets) and yet I don’t want it to be super block-y and heavy and want it to be somewhat feminine, so I may embroider some kind of floral trim on it too or something..

I have a love-hate relationship with projects when I work this way, I go through a mental dialogue of what I like, don’t like, should I just undo it and do something else and yadda, yadda, yadda..

spygameSince I had a good movie to watch (eye candy – Brad Pitt…) I chose to plough through my inner critic and keep going. You gotta love chunky yarn.. it gives a certain insta-fix. In the two hours of the movie and then the extra hour of bits and pieces they throw on each DVD I got the collar and shoulders done, which isn’t bad for a design-as-you-go project… and now in the light of day.. I like what I see… I would love to show you more… but gotta wait for the camera from my other computer.. sorry.. I will also post it to Ravelry eventually and if enough people “fave” it then I will release it as a pattern…

Freia seems to like it.. it sure will be nice and toasty which is what I need in my refridgerator that I call a house.

under the coat

2 Responses to “New Knitting Project – A cool Cardi-Coat”

  1. milmom Says:

    Cute looking picture. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. KJ Says:

    I am loving the original shrug. What site did you find it on?

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