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Go Felt an Egg! March 5, 2008

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Easter EggsSo my secret project that I was working on many moons ago (December and January) is/are Felted Easter Eggs with a matching basket. I launched the designs and kits at TNNA in January and then wrote a bit about them in my newsletter and they’ve been a giant hit!

A new product or pattern idea is always so nerve wracking as you think you might have something that would work, you put endless hours into getting it just how you want it to be, then invest in advertising and promotion if you really think you’ve got something, and ultimately sit back, cross your fingers and hope.. Hope that you’ve not finally gone off your rocker, and hope that other people might possibly see what you see and find something that they like enough to find it worth doing for themselves.

And by the way, coming up with a real egg shape is no small task.. I made about 6 eggs before I got the round enough base combined with the pointy enough top – without being too pointy mind you..

Egg YarnBut, I got it right this time, and they’ve been very well received which in addition to being relieved, I also think is great fun, as these are cute easy projects and there will be a whole bunch of felted eggs floating around this easter (and many easters to come I would guess!) To the right is what my work table looked has looked like more than once since I released the egg patterns and kits.. people like the kits, that’s for sure.. I’ll just keep winding yarn as long as they want me to.

Sometimes I think when that when I started Knitwhits 5 years ago that I actually created a monster, but hey, who’s complaining? There are worse problems to have.