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Doing my part for the economy April 19, 2008

tax reliefThis came in the mail the other day. Gave me a really good chuckle, I mean really, what’s the point? It probably cost them four times as much to cut and mail me the check. I’ll do my best to not spend it all at once.. Actually, I think this one is going on the wall, it’s a keeper..

Some good news.. My fears of Freia’s bump are assuaged. It’s not cancer. But it in all likelyhood is my/her other nemesis – the foxtail. It sure is early in the season for her to pick one up, but they are out in full force at Cesar Chavez Park where we go about 4 times a week.

The vet put her on Amoxycillin (again..) which we get for her from Costco. I checked the pills at the pharmacy to make sure they were correct, but when I got home I realised it was the wrong dosage. Called the Pharmacy and asked if it would be OK for me to just double up the dose until I could get back in to exchange the rest. It was rush hour and I wasn’t about to sit in it for an hour for what is otherwise a 5 minute drive. Instead, the pharmacist went way above and beyond the call of duty and actually drove to my house with the correct prescription, and a full refund!!! I was really floored. It was very nice of her to do that, sure it was her error in the beginning, but that was really outstanding. And she left she said: “Take care of your dog!”. I guess she must be a pet owner too.

I’ve also figured out that Amoxy makes Freia really grumpy, she’s become really bossy at the dog park, and snapped at Pancho, her little Shitzu friend cos she thought he was after her (imaginary) treats. So.. as usual, until we’re through with the meds she gets no dog park time. And that way I get to have an angelic dog on long leash walks, instead of the stress of constant monitoring her rotten behaviour in the wilds of the offleash dog park. Bossy little so-and-so she is.

knitting undoneAs for the other bump, undoing ALL that knitting.. I went to my knitting group held at a friend’s house for a 2nd and 3rd opinion and they agreed – it was too wide, so I ripped it all out.. Took 2 hours or so, then cast on again and got two rows done before it was time to head home. I think if you have to undo something all the way, it’s the last few rows that are the worst, as that when it really sinks in that all that work you did is truly gone. It’s a drag, but it is rare that I rip out quite that much knitting.. C’est la vie.

Two nights later I hooked up with another knitting group hosted by Knit-One-One at Rudy’s in E’ville twice a month. I got there an hour late, delayed by work, only to realise that I didn’t have one of the two sets of needles I needed for this project, so I could only do another 4 rows.. blech.. annoying. So I had a veggie burger instead.

I love eating out at restaurants. Lately though there has been a string of takeover robberies at restaurants in the East Bay, which has put me a bit off. A friend’s son was at one restaurant when it was held up last weekend, and then a local restaurant here in l’il ole E’ville was held up a couple of nights ago. Bummer. So far, no one’s gotten hurt, but it’s only a matter of time I think.. Stupid people.


A bump in the road April 13, 2008

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Friea has a bump, or rather, a lump. I’m not happy about it. It doesn’t seem to be a bite, or a tic, or a fat deposit. It’s on the inside of her cheek by her jawline, and it varies in size – by what rationale I can not tell.

I have a vet appt. on tuesday AM to have them check it out. As the appt. draws nearer I’m having all sorts of scared thoughts of what it could be.. I’m a bit worried for my little girl..

And another bump..

As you knit, so shall ye rip.. I’ve spent the last month or so working on a cardigan/coverup in Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and Noro Kureyon together. I’ve pretty much got the whole body done, and it’s a fair amount of knitting. But, when I try it on, I’m not happy with it. It’s too long and I’m not so thrilled with the direction of the stripes. So.. do I rip it all out and start over? To chance ending up with something else that I’m not thrilled with, or do I keep going with this one as it’s not really bad, I’m just being fussy… Truth be told, I’m very much enjoying the knitting, and I love the colors of the Noro and how the striping is turning out. If I change the directions of the stripes, it will change the patterning, making the stripes probably one color to a row, instead of 3 or 4 rows that I have now. And I don’t want that either. I could make it in a couple of pieces, but I don’t really want a seam.. Or .. I have another idea for an entirely different cardigan, that I could make with this yarn, which still means ripping it all out to start over..