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Stupid, stupid, stupid June 1, 2008

I think Freia has a torn ACL. Why did I take her out today???????

She’s been limping a bit for about a month now, I think she initially hurt herself jumping out of the car one day. I’ve been giving her Rimadyl, resting her for a few days, and progressively increased her rest as she’s continued to not improve.

Basically really limited her for the last 3 days and she seemed better, so I took her out to Pt. Pinole.. She was running and having a great time with Rufus, no limping, happy as a clam. But as has happened before, once she stops moving, the pain begins. And today is probably the worst I’ve seen it.

And I’m going away to TNNA on Thursday so I can’t really do anything about it till I get back the following Tuesday. I’m just kicking myself right now, and I feel so very bad for her. And she was really fine this morning.

Damn it.

Of course to top it off, if it is a torn ACL and requires surgery, it’s 8 weeks of severe restrictions in movement – guess I”ll be sleeping with her in the studio since she won’t be allowed up the stairs, and won’t do well without me around, and the surgery runs from $2-4K. Great.


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  1. Hey I got a Freia too, but she is a cat. I just googled the name and found you. Check out our website for Freia’s pictures. Hope Freia is on the mend and happy knitting

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