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An Intern for the Summer June 17, 2008

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Well, I’m back from my semi-annual trade show put on by TNNA and it was a doozy. I was there by myself mostly this time except for a couple of hours with my new summer intern. I think I got a total of 11 hours sleep in the first four of the five nights I was there.

The show felt busy to me, though I’ve heard people say it felt slow, but this time I definately had more foot traffic than at the last show. I also got more orders and bigger orders. All my good-old standby accounts came by and placed nice healthy orders, plus I picked up a few new accounts. This show also saw a few dormant accounts come back to life which was nice, very nice!

So now I’m back, and sort of recovered, (I actually fell asleep at my desk the first three days I was home!), and as of this week I have the company and help of my intern, Dana. I’m putting her to work on a lot of marketing stuff that I’ve just never had the time to do. She’s here for 8 weeks and though it’s only day two, I’m thinking 8 weeks ain’t enough…

Dog Report: Yep, it’s her ACL. Not a full tear, but a partial tear. So far this means weekly antiinflammatory shots, and a limit of 3 10-minute walks a day, no roughhousing, avoid stairs, no running, no off leash, basically a whole lot of nothing.. for as much as the next 6 months. She’s had a couple of weeks now to adjust to her new level of inactivity and I fear in the end it’s the owner (i.e. me) that struggles more with this than the dog. Since she can’t have doggie time, I’ve invited people to come over to visit as much as possible (with the caveat of no playing with the dog) to keep her from going totally batty with boredom. She’s actually doing fine, and now having Dana around in the studio makes life much more interesting for her. We shall see how this goes.. let’s hope for some good healing in her knee so she can tear it up again (not the knee though) in the great outdoors come winter..

In the meantime here’s a nutty picture of a new design – in the testing phase on Ravelry if you’re interested in the blow-by-blow


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  1. Christina Says:

    I’m happy to hear th eshow went well. I kept reading all of the TNNA news around the blogsphere and wishing I was there with you. 😦

    ~ Christina

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