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Office Work – Dana the Intern – Week 2 July 1, 2008

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My 2nd week at the Knitwhits studio was off to a great start. I think Freia is starting to get used me which is great, because at first I did not think she would ever stop growling when I would walk near her mother! She is an adorable dog and it is amazing how intelligent she is

The first newsletter we sent out was a big success! The blog received more web traffic on that day then there ever had been. I spent a lot of time this week working on the Pattern of the Week emails for our retail customers. (Ed – there are over 75 patterns in the Knitwhits line.. that’s a lot of Pattern of the Week programming..) After a while they start to get tedious and I have to switch gears and work on something else. My big project for the week was creating ideas to put in the wholesale newsletter that goes to the owners of the LYSs that carry or want to carry Knitwhits kits and patterns. I was nervous at first, I wanted to come up with some great marketing ideas, but was afraid that my inexperience would show through. With Tina’s help we were able to come up with two ideas – the Pre-Sale Extravaganza and new Purl Packs!  The Pre-Sale Extravaganza is a concept that the more the shop owner spends the more money they will save.  The Purl Packs are patterns that are purchased in packs and pay no shipping when they are ordered directly from the newsletter.  The patterns that come in packs are new ones and the best sellers.  It took a lot of thinking and collaborating of ideas, but we finally came up with those 2 ideas!

Throughout the week Tina took me around the Bay Area again, and we went to some yarn shops in Oakland. Article Pract was the most fascinating by far.  They had the most amazing yarn selection!  The first skein of yarn Tina showed me was a hand spun/dyed cashmere blend that was $157.00!  (Ed: Tanglewood Yarn Creations) She has very expensive taste, and that is why every kit she creates has the best quality of yarns in them!  I also have now another recommendation for a place to eat in the Bay area, Genova Deli, a fabulous Italian deli that serves great sandwiches.  They also carry any product you would need to make a great Italian dish of your own. 

I’m looking forward to the Northwest Needlemarket Wholesale Show in Seattle at the end of July.  We will be carrying the Purl Packs for purchase, and that will be a great time to stock up and take advantage of the Pre-Sale Extravaganza!  In August I will be helping Tina at Stitches Midwest in Chicago!  I am so excited that she is letting me help.  We will be in Schaumburg Illinois and that is one of my favorite places to go to.  My sister is often out there for work and it is a treat for me to go and visit.  It goes to show how great Tina is to work for!  The Chicago trip is after my internship duties have been fulfilled, however my experience has been great so far!  I am looking forward to times I can help her in the near future. I’m looking forward to the


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  1. Aaron Luckett Says:

    Tina took you to Genova! She is a saint. Did you try the fried artichokes?

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