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Out and About – Dana the Intern – Week 3 July 7, 2008

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The third week in the Bay Area has been the most adventurous week for me since I have been here. I have discovered many personalities that people have here, and in general I would say it is difficult to pick a friendly person out of the crowd. Growing up in the south it is always expected that the general public, retailers and even strangers are the nicest people you will ever encounter throughout life. Then I migrated to the Midwest, and trying to find someone friendly is like trying to pull a tree stump out of the ground. Now being out in the Bay area the only people that are nice to you are guys who think you’re hot and are trying to ask you out on a date! And trust me when you turn them down their true colors show.

Tina and I went to Costco and had a another great experience there. We were checking out and she was trying to split the tender in order to keep her business purchases separate from her personal ones. She was trying to add it in her head, and the cashier speaks out rudely “First you add then you subtract and you will get your total” I thought to myself what a jerk. If it were me I would never step foot in there again, but Tina informed me that it is the way people are out here and you get used to it. If it was not for Tina being able to make light of the situation it would have ruined my day. (ETA: if the numbskull cashier had rung the transaction through on my business card and my personal card as I had asked him to and have done a hundred times at Costco this wouldn’t have happened – he insisted it was that the machines don’t do that.. uh huh.. not for him apparently.. whatever!)
With it being the 4th of July weekend and with my sister coming into town, I knew it would be a short workweek. I spent most of the time working on making a new Kit book. The book contains a picture of each kit Knitwhits makes and it tells what type of yarn is used, what colors each kit contains, and how much yarn to include. Since I was only in the studio for three days, the majority of my time was focused on that. I do have to say I played more than I worked this week!

In other studio related stuff.. Tina majored in photography in college, and she showed me important things to look for while taking pictures. I have spent some time learning the Photoshop software. It is a very difficult program to learn and will take some time getting used to. Another skill I have been working on sharpening is writing. I have always known I am not the best writer, and I have noticed a lot of my work here requires me to write. I am struggling with how to put my thoughts into words. When you realize that several people will be reading what you have to say in a blog, or reading what you write about in newsletters it needs to be perfect. If it is not it will reflect on the company you are working for.
The highlight of my week was my sister coming to town. She lives in Phoenix and she decided to come and spend the 4th with me. We took a road trip to Monterey Bay for a few days to see her boyfriend. He is down there playing baseball this summer and suggested we come for a visit. The city was amazing! Beaches on the West Coast are incredible! I did end up getting a horrific sun burn, however the time spent with my sister made up for it.
We got back to Emeryville Saturday which gave me some time to show my sister around the Bay area. That night my sister Christy, my friend Aaron, who lives in Oakland, and I, met up with Tina for dinner. We went to one of her favorite restaurants called Picante. It was excellent, probably the best Mexican food I have had here! When we were done eating we went to Naia for some ice cream. They had the most fantastic flavors! Tina got me to try this one called “Horlicks”, which was a miracle because I have to be the pickiest eater around. It tasted like a malt ball, and surprisingly I loved it!


I was so glad that Tina was able to meet my sister and my friend Aaron. It meant a lot that she took time out of her busy schedule to meet them. They are both very important people to me. Aaron and I have been friends for several years, and along with Tina, he has helped me out tremendously since I came out to Emeryville.


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  1. Aaron Luckett Says:

    Between your critique of Midwesterners and the name of that icecream flavor, I am offended! I’m the nicest person you know (aside from Tina). I’m really glad Dana is enjoying herself. But. I think she’s ready for some hard labor. 🙂

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